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Quickly configure the necessary communications around Incident and Service Request Management to streamline your operations. The Notify Analyst – Community app provides an intuitive interface to configure all work items to automatically send email notifications to an Analyst, or their associated support groups, in addition to notifying the assigned to Analyst and/or Affected User when a comment is added.

With the introduction of this app to your System Center Service Manager implementation, you no longer have to waste time on managing specific XML for each work item class. This leads to more efficient response times to Incident and Service Request assignments, resulting in better service to the business.

How Our App Helps Your Entire Team:

  • SCSM Admins: Admins don’t need to configure and maintain separate Incident and Service Request Notification subscriptions for every Support Group.
  • SCSM Analysts: Analysts will be notified via email when an Incident or Service Request is assigned either directly to them or to a Support Group of which they are a member. This relieves the need to constantly monitor the SCSM Console for new Work Items.
  • End User: The affected End User can receive updates to their request without having to check the Portal (if available).


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Solution Inspiration

Service Manager allows for you to create e-mail notifications to analysts upon assignment and re-assignment for all work items. However, in order to create these notifications you must modify XML, perform SQL lookups to find notify template IDs, and import MPs. Effectively have a PhD in technology. Who wants to do that? The Notify Analyst app solves this challenge!

Notify Analyst Community

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Formal Cireson Support (phone, email, and web) is not included with the free Auto Close Community app. Take advantage of the Cireson Community to connect with other customers and Cireson experts for technical assistance. If you’d like to purchase a Support Package, please contact us today for the pricing options.

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