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Automating SCSM Work Closure

The Auto Close app takes the headache out of automating the closure of a work item. This app provides an intuitive interface to configure an incident, problem, change, release, and service request to automatically close on a specified day and time. For example, you can set Incident Records to Closed status after 5 days of uninterrupted Resolved status.

With the introduction of this app to your System Center Service Manager implementation, you no longer have to waste time on managing specific customizations for each work item class. This helps enable more accurate reporting of Work Items for managers and helps facilitate ITIL-based Work Item accountability policies.

How this helps your team:

SCSM Admins: No need to create workflows or automation to accomplish this for each Work Item class.
SCSM Analysts: No need to monitor their Resolved or Completed Work Items for a determined time span before manually setting the Work Item status to Closed if there has been no objection from the Affected User.


Solution Inspiration

Service Manager allows you to set the status of a work item from active to resolved for an incident (or in progress to completed for other work items). However, if you want to automatically change the status of these work items to closed after a certain number of days, you have to modify and import scripts through XML. Who wants to do that? Auto Close app solves this challenge!

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Formal Cireson Support (phone, email, and web) is not included with the free Auto Close Community app. Take advantage of the Cireson Community to connect with other customers and Cireson experts for technical assistance. If you’d like to purchase a Support Package, please contact us today for the pricing options.

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