Microsoft 365 Service Desk, Built Exclusively for Teams

Features designed to centralize support in Microsoft Teams and maximize your Microsoft cloud investments.

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It Began with an
AI Experiment

During the 2020 shift to remote work, we experimented with building AI-ticket deflection into Microsoft Teams to integrate with System Center Service Manager. It quickly became clear that the infrastructure needed to support AI ticket deflection could power a full-on ticketing system. So, we built an entirely new cloud-based service desk solution, powered by the Microsoft 365 ecosystem, to meet the evolving support needs of today’s hybrid workforce.

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Microsoft Teams Desktop, Web and Mobile
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Service Desk Solutions Where You Work

Tikit by Cireson allows your employees to request support without disrupting their flow of work by living where they already communicate and collaborate. Built exclusively for Microsoft Teams and the M365 ecosystem, Tikit by Cireson works wherever your employees choose to work, without missing a beat.  

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Product Features Designed for Seamless Support

Why Ticketing in Microsoft Teams?

In the new hybrid work environment, in-office and remote employees are centralizing work in Microsoft Teams.

    • Employees IM individual IT agents directly for support
    • Employee questions can often be repetitive
    • It’s difficult for agents to organize work in Teams
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Maximize Value from
an Investment You’ve Already Made

Tikit by Cireson removes barriers between users and data, allowing employees to work wherever they want. This is accomplished through seamless and secure integration, using your existing Microsoft 365 configuration. Open and work tickets in Teams, access device data from Intune, kickoff automations with Power Automate and build dashboards in Power BI. The more Microsoft cloud technology you use, the more powerful Tikit becomes.  

    • Install, configure and add users in minutes. 
    • No login forms or new passwords to remember. 
    • Trust that your user data stays with Microsoft. 

Support Solutions for Every Employee

In today’s hybrid work environment, employees want real-time solutions to their problems without the delay of human interaction. That’s why Tikit by Cireson includes the Tikit Virtual Agent within Microsoft Teams.

Tikit Virtual Agent leads to a more positive employee support experience by empowering employees to help themselves, automating ticket routing and reducing downtime spent waiting for a resolution.

Microsoft 365 Service Desk

Find the Right Plan for Your Organization

With different plan options and flexible terms, find the plan that is just right for your organizational needs. Schedule your complimentary Tikit introduction call to learn more.