Cireson Portal for SCSM –  v11.2

v11.2 of the Cireson Portal has arrived, and with it we’re continuing to address feature requests from the community around Cireson Analytics and Global Search.

Cireson Portal Analytics

Some long standing questions on reporting have been, “What about Comments?” and “What about the Action Log?” Without the ability to report on these things, you may end up keeping your Data Retention settings set rather high in Service Manager so you could easily lookup an old Work Item and it’s Action Log. But keeping Data Retention settings high will eventually impact SCSM performance leaving you to have to choose between accessibility or performance. That’s why with the latest enhancements for Cireson Analytics, we’re bringing in Action Logs and all of your Class Extensions. This gives you the ability to report on anything, while granting the opportunity to lower Data Retention settings.

But I’m sure the very first question is, “How can I build a query that reconstructs the Action Log timeline?” Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! The following query, along with any questions you have are here in the Community, ready for copy and paste + discussion. Just head on over!

Cireson Portal

Moving into the topic of Class Extensions…It’s worth highlighting again: not only are all of these extensions now syncing into Analytics, but we’re also giving you infinite second chances with the extensions you choose to create. For example, let’s say you decide this afternoon to extend the Incident class with a new property. A day goes by and now that property exists in the Analytics DB to report against. A couple weeks from now, you decide that you no longer need that Class Extension. If you were to drop the Management Pack from Service Manager that contains the Class Extension, the data in that field is now forever lost…unless you have the new version of Analytics!

This update for Analytics gives you the means to drop Class Extensions from Service Manager and yet retain the data within Analytics for reporting. Because after all, your process may change. Your reporting may change. But now you’ll never have to have second thoughts about dropping unused Class Extensions!

Global Search – Scoping

When it comes to rolling out Global Search organization-wide, something we’ve heard is the need to right-size who can search what. Just because End Users are allowed to access Catalog Items doesn’t necessarily mean they should be able to search for them. With v11.2 you can now tailor Global Search Classes to decide who is allowed to search for what. Just head into any class you’ve previously configured to search and choose who is allowed to see it.

Work Items, Comments, Windows Updates, SCOM Inventory, Azure Inventory – now you can control it all from a single search.


Questions? Comments? Whatever it is, keep the feedback coming!

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