Cireson Portal for SCSM v11.1 Release

It’s time to go further with v11.1 of the Cireson Portal for SCSM, now available on our Latest branch. With it, we’re introducing:

Cireson Portal Global Search: Filtering Results

Whether it be Work Items, Assets, Azure Inventory from SCOM or Windows Updates from SCCM, Global Search returns everything instantly from a single search. But sometimes that can be just a tad bit overwhelming. That’s why it’s now possible to filter your results down in the most flexible way, using the data you’re currently searching.

Cireson Portal for SCSM v11.1 Global Search screenshot

As has been the case previously, you’re still free to toggle classes on and off. But now you can go one step further by clicking on any enabled class on the left or clicking Filter Search in the top right.

Cireson Portal for SCSM v11.1 Filter Search screenshot

With the Filter Global Search Result flyout, you can introduce comparison operators for any of the properties you’re currently searching against.

Cireson Portal for SCSM v11.1 Filter Global Search Flyout screenshot

And if you’ve elected to search enums, those list pickers render for selection!

Cireson Portal for SCSM v11.1 list pickers screenshot

Once confirmed, you’ll see that the page now reflects Filtered Results, as well as the current filter.

Cireson Portal for SCSM v11.1 Filtered Results 
Advanced Request Offering Enhancements

With everything flowing into SCSM, it only makes sense to be able to leverage objects in a query picker and also the selected data. Not to mention new ways to control prompt layout across Incidents, Service Requests and Change Requests. Ready? Me too!

Query Picker Property Mapping

Let’s say you’re asking users to select one or many objects. In this case, you’re asking for them to select maybe one or many computers. But now you can consume the properties of the selection and map them directly into any field you want. Just select the prompt, map it and then use the drop down arrow to select any of the properties you’ve configured to display in the Query Result picker. This is perfect if you want to put relevant data front and center for your analysts or better yet – map the values directly into a Runbook for automation!

Cireson Portal for SCSM v11.1 Query Picker Property Mapping screenshot
Prompt Control – And/Or Operators

Certainly, another request that comes up from the community has been deeper control of when to display a prompt. With this release, you can configure multiple AND/OR conditions in a single go simply by toggling the radio control. Add or Remove them as you see fit!

Cireson Portal for SCSM v11.1 Control - And/Or operators screenshot

Prompt Control – Advance Query

But those with a keen eye may notice that the above window allows us do even more than filter-based on a specific object that was selected. Now you can change from Contains to Advance Query and build logic against the properties of the selected object(s). Maybe if the selected Active Directory User has a department that contains the word “resources,” then another prompt could be shown. The control is yours!

Cireson Portal for SCSM v11.1 Prompt Control – Advance Query screenshot

Asset Management: Consumable Enhancements

Finally, this version of the portal also introduces support for the latest version of Asset Management wherein you can now control the count of Consumables per User. Whether your consumables are mice, USB drives or printer cartridges, you can now see who in your organization is consuming Asset Inventory.

Cireson Portal for SCSM v11.1 Asset Management: Consumable Enhancements screenshots

Thoughts? Comments? How are you getting on with the Cloud Connector and the Cireson Portal? Let us know in the Cireson Community!

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