Cireson #13 of #150 in SDBJ Fastest Growing Companies

My wife and I recently had the opportunity to represent Cireson at the San Diego Business Journal (“SDBJ”) Fastest 150 event this past Thursday 7/14/2016, which highlighted the fastest 150 private growing companies in San Diego, CA, over the past few years. As this is the first time Cireson has entered into the annual evaluation, I don’t think anyone at Cireson really had any expectations for the event or the audience that would be attending, as winners and placing are not announced prior to the event.

Let me start by saying the venue itself was fantastic, hosted at Paradise Point Resort & Spa right on the lip of the water in Mission Beach. I actually go to this venue frequently for dinner and drinks, but have never attended a proper function. The convention center was nicely laid out, and upon attending I realized that this event is much larger then we were expecting. My wife and I were expecting something smaller and intimate, but as we got closer to the convention center we started to notice a swarm of people at which point in time we realized that this is a pretty large event! Last official count I heard was over 600+ attendees.

As we started to get situated and began to mingle, it started to dawn on us that a lot of our own customers at Cireson were actually at the event, which was pretty cool! All the attendees were awesome, as most were successful businesses and respective teammates coming to hang out and network with like-minded professionals in San Diego. It was a very humbling experience to be around so many successful, switched on, fun professionals in San Diego.

…and then there was the actual award show.

No one at the event actually knew what place they landed out of 150 prior to arriving, as winners were announced live in front of your San Diego business peers. It was nerve racking to say the least. As it got started the SDBJ started announcing winners in chunks of 10, beginning with 140 – 150 and so on…

130 – 139 … 120 – 129 … 110 – 119

…still no Cireson, hmm…

100 – 109 … 90 – 99 … 80 – 89 … 70 – 79 … 60 – 69 … 50 – 59

…wow, we broke the top 50 at least but surely we have to be getting called soon?

40 – 49 … 30 – 39 … 20 – 29

…when they hit #20 they started list individual companies and then there it was!

We were called at #13 for the SDBJ award!!!

We were shocked, humbled, appreciative and all I could think to myself was how proud I was of our organization. Cireson started in late 2011, and the fact that we have grown to be able to compete within the top 150 companies in San Diego, and made it to #13 is an amazing achievement.

When we received this award, the first thing I did was send the following email to the Company:

Hey All,

Attending the SDBJ award this evening and we just received rank #13 out of 150, most importantly we beat Stone Brewery (one of my favorite breweries in San Diego)! Thank you for everyone’s hard work and dedication, truly a team effort.

We celebrate this with all of you.


I am so appreciative to be a part of Cireson, to be surrounded by unbelievable talent, all focused on the task at hand to bring the most amazing Service and Asset Management solutions to the world. We are a special family, and although we are humble, it is always nice to be recognized for efforts…in which the entire Cireson family earned this award as a team.

Thank you Team Cireson, and excited to break top 10 SDBJ next year!


2016 Fastest Growing 150 WINNER

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