Analyst Portal

The Cireson Portal for Analysts integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Service Manager (SCSM) to allow management of day-to-day activities on any browser, device, or OS. Built on cutting edge HTML 5, the Analyst Portal boasts fast, adaptive, and highly functional capabilities. Items such as incidents, service requests, change requests, CMDB and reporting are all easily and quickly accessed and managed – with or without a desktop in sight.



  • Cutting edge architecture with memory cache on web server for enhanced performance and scalability
  • Modern HTML 5 design with no dependence on plugins
  • 100% browser, mobile device, and OS agnostic
  • Accessible over the Internet or within an Intranet
  • Create and edit any kind of work item such as incidents, change requests, plus any other process domain templates
  • Easily manage all your active work in a single streamlined view
  • Improve work item reassignments with built-in logic between analysts and support groups
  • Parent/child relationships for work items supported
  • Windows integrated single sign-on or challenge/response for non-domain joined devices
  • Integrated HTML Knowledge Base: Create, edit, manage, search, and view articles in HTML format within the Portal
  • Portal can be completely rebranded to match your organization’s style and enhance the overall user experience
  • Use default work item templates as well as create and edit your own for any kind of work item such as incidents, change requests, and many other process domain templates
  • Custom Forms: Configure the layout of control, define tabs and sections, set field requirements and read-only fields, configure user properties, set role-specific default work items for users and analysts, configure an enumeration picker, target forms to specific roles, and more
  • Easy to use advanced Custom Tasks with 1-click controls: Add custom tasks to the work item form task panel, add buttons on forms with custom script to execute when clicked, and add event handlers that will execute custom code when field values are changed
  • Scalable technology with web service API’s included out of the box enable you to build and extend solutions on the Cireson Platform. For example, this is how Cireson built its own Survey App.
  • When creating action log entries, use @ to mention users within the entry. As you type, a list of filtered users will be provided. Upon being saved, an email will automatically be sent to all mentioned users, whether or not they’re affected or assigned to the work item.
  • When sending an email (on a ticket), use @ to add mentioned users to the “To:” line as you type
  • Customizable email templates

Customer Reviews

“The mobility and efficiency provided by the Analyst Portal has completely shifted the way we operate.”

Chris Akeroyd – UMC Health Systems

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