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We have numerous Service Manager & Configuration Manager Apps for the community to help you maximize your System Center investment. Download any or all of our apps to make your working life ridiculously more productive today.

Please note:

Formal Cireson Support (phone, email, and web) is not included with any of our free community apps. Take advantage of the Cireson Community to connect with other customers and Cireson experts for technical assistance. Support Packages are available for the Self-Service Portal – Community. Please contact us today for pricing options.

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Configuration Manager

  • Free

    ConfigMgr Ticker – Community

    Easily create and deliver announcements from the Configuration Manager Console to be displayed in real time to all specified clients.

  • Free

    Remote Manage – Community

    Quickly deploy software, run diagnostic processes, view and manipulate services, processes, view information, and more, all without end-user interaction.

  • Free

    User Device Affinity – Community

    Easily view, edit, and manage user-to-device relationships without having to start the Configuration Manager Console.

  • Free

    User Centric – Community

    Easily identify which applications are ready for user centric software delivery within Configuration Manager, and for those that aren’t, automatically create the requirement.

Service Manager