Quick Start Deployment

Quick Start Deployments provide easy roadmaps to set up the fundamental building blocks for the perfect deployment of Microsoft System Center.

Cross-Training Deployment

Cross-Training Deployments are a hybrid approach that takes into consideration the implementation of System Center, and the training of employees who are part of the implementation.

Turn-Key Deployment

Turn-Key Deployments meet the needs of an organization that requires full project management, from inception to implementation and review.

Custom Deployment

From must-haves to custom design, installation, and final deployment, through cross training and customized knowledge transfer, we’ll deliver the tailored deployment that gets you where you want to be.

  • Design
  • Install
  • Cross-Train
  • Deploy
  • Support

Quick Start Deployment

The Quick Start methodology typically gets you going in 5-10 days, rather than a few months. When time is of the essence, this is an efficient, budget friendly starting point.

Keeping all the essentials in mind, we move from design to installation and finally  through deployment in the most cost effective and user-friendly way possible. Key components of consideration include AD, Exchange, knowledge transfer of the configuration, and full setup of all out-of-the-box features.

Cross-Training Deployment

Sharing our expertise with an organization’s new System Center Administrator leads to superior implementation. By pairing one of our consultants with an organization’s System Center admin, and training the admin to install, configure and deploy all parts of the solution, the organization gains solid internal skills to move forward with System Center once the project has been completed.

The upfront investment in time results in the significant long-term benefits of a successful System Center installation, and more importantly, a well-trained internal team able to manage their own solutions.

Turn-Key Deployment

Turn-Key Deployments accommodate the entire deployment of any of the System Center solutions. In these engagements, design, installation, cross-training, deployment, and support are managed with the utmost attention to detail by the foremost consulting experts in the industry.

Turn-Key Deployments Project Break-Down

  • Project Management
  • Consultative Staffing
  • Training to System Center Admins
  • Training to User Community
  • Assess, Design, UAT, Pilot and Implementation Phases
  • Go-Live
  • Post Implementation Support


  • Project initiation
  • Requirement analysis
  • Process design


  • Product build
  • Product integration
  • Product education


  • Product transition
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Solution workshops


  • User Test (UAT)
  • Quick wins
  • Go-live


  • Project benchmarking
  • Product health check
  • Customer satisfaction
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