Professional Services Engineering Program

In an effort to meet the needs of its customers, Cireson, LLC (“Cireson”) offers access to its consulting services team for limited engagements that do not constitute Support as described in Cireson’s Support and Maintenance Policy through the Cireson Professional Services Engineering Program (the “PSE Program”). PSE hours are available only on a pre-paid basis and are primarily available for purchase at a discounted rate on the same cycle as the renewal of Support and Maintenance, or at any time at list price by contacting your Cireson account representative. If you have purchased PSE hours, which would be described and itemized on your Invoice, you have access to the PSE Program subject to the terms and conditions set forth herein.

Services Eligible for PSE Program
  • Customization/Runbook/Script/Reporting Assistance: Cireson products are built to be extensible and can be customized in limitless ways. The PSE program can be used to spend time building, updating, extending, and troubleshooting your organization’s unique customizations, scripts, runbooks, and/or reports.
  • ITIL and Process Mapping: Whether your organization is new to ITIL, or looking to mature your ITIL practices further, PSE hours can be used to assist you in working through any area of ITIL, such as Incident Management, Service Request Fulfillment, Change Management, Problem Management, and Service Catalog design. Keeping best practices at the forefront, PSE hours can be used to work with you to translate these processes into SCSM terms, and even get these processes created in SCSM.
  • Training: PSE hours can be used to train your team on any aspect of Cireson and SCSM. Whether just a few-hour refresher course, or a full day of training, Cireson can work with you to cater content around the needs of your organization and any audience.
  • Installation and Configuration: PSE hours can be used to help you with installing or configuring SCSM or any Cireson product. Cireson can assist in providing specs for a new environment, helping you to install, and even configure the environment.
  • Advanced System Center Troubleshooting: Many Cireson products are built on top of the System Center Stack, and any issue with the Stack can cause Cireson products to not work as expected. While some initial troubleshooting to determine the impacted area is in-scope for Cireson Support, fixes solely around the System Center Stack are not in-scope for Cireson Support. PSE hours can be used to continue troubleshooting efforts and, if applicable, help to transition the issue into the hands of Microsoft Support.
Services Not Eligible for PSE Program

Services other than as outlined above are not eligible for the PSE Program. Cireson reserves the right, in its reasonable discretion based on the details and scope of the request, to migrate the project to a standard services agreement subject to the negotiation and execution of a Statement of Work by the parties.

Scheduling and Availability

Scheduling Cireson’s consulting services team for PSE hours is subject to availability of the consulting services team. Generally, scheduling within 1-2 weeks of your request is typically possible depending on the volume and complexity of the request. PSE hours are consumed in 1 hour increments. If you require more PSE hours for a project than you have currently remaining, you may purchase additional PSE hours at list price.


All PSE hours must be used by the expiration date set forth on your Invoice, which typically coincides and is coterminous with your Support and Maintenance Period. Unused PSE hours at the end of your Support and Maintenance Period do not rollover. All fees paid for PSE hours are earned by Cireson when paid and are non-refundable.


Cireson reserves the right to modify the PSE Program and these terms and conditions at any time upon written notice. Any disputes regarding the PSE Program or any of these terms and conditions, including, but not limited to, any disputes regarding its validity, interpretation, construction, performance, and enforcement shall be governed by laws of the State of California (within giving effect to its conflicts of law principles). Any party bringing an action or proceeding against the other arising out of or relating to the PSE Program or any of its terms and conditions shall bring the action or proceeding in the federal or state courts located in San Diego County, California, USA. Any capitalized words not otherwise defined herein shall have the meaning prescribed to them in the Software License and Maintenance Agreement.