Skype for Business Integration App

The Skype for Business app is an extension to the Skype for Business desktop client application that adds a context menu to a conversation window.  Using this context menu, an analyst can quickly jump from a Skype for Business conversation with someone to view information related to that person in the Cireson Analyst Portal.  For example, an analyst could quickly look up the requests, assigned work items, assets, or configuration items for that user or just simply the detailed contact information in the Service Manager CMDB.  This is especially useful for organizations that are using Skype for Business as their telephone system for responding to customer calls to the service desk.


Customer Reviews

“The mobility and efficiency provided by the Analyst Portal has completely shifted the way we operate.”
Chris Akeroyd
UMC Health Systems

Solution Inspiration

Skype for Business is one of the most commonly used tools in any analysts toolbox.  They are constantly communicating with other analysts and customers via instant messaging, VOIP, or even video chat.  This app makes it easy to jump from a conversation with someone to viewing the details of what is being discussed or initiating a new request for assistance.  Even Cireson’s own analysts use the app to provide support services to our customers!

Skype for Business Integration

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