The Cireson Risk Calculator app provides change management with a calculator that asks the change initiator business questions, and calculates the questions in a measured and controlled fashion. The Risk Calculator app automatically sets the risk level of your change request, and stores the questions & answers in the Risk Assessment Plan.

With the introduction of this app into your System Center Service Manager (SCSM) environment, you can now feel comfortable that the risk level of every change request is calculated and controlled. Take action today to understand the true risk of every change request.


  • Provides a means to configure a “risk calculation” process for your change requests
  • Configure up to 10 questions with yes/no answers and set values for Low, Medium and High risk, based on either total yes or no responses
  • Add a console task for your Analysts to run against change requests that sets risk based on the responses and populates the Risk Assessment Plan with the questions and answers

Solution Inspiration

Service Manager allows IT Operations to perform full change management, measure change request’s priority, impact and risk levels, and provide a risk assessment plan. The challenge is, when creating and measuring change requests, it is left up to the change initiator to determine the risk to the business , without any controls in place to calculate that measurement. The Risk Calculator app solves this problem.

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