The Cireson PowerShell Activity app simplifies and enhances automation efforts for system tasks and common processes within the native Service Manager Console, reducing the need for outside systems, such as Azure automation or Orchestrator Runbooks.  Gain front-end visibility into the automation steps of your workflows and utilize the capabilities of PowerShell directly within your daily processes.


  • Integrate PowerShell automation directly into your Service Manager workflows, eliminating the need for complex Orchestrator integration
  • Create and edit scripts within the Service Manger Console using the built-in PowerShell editor with syntax highlighting
  • Reduce complexity with easy access to Work Item properties for use in custom scripts
  • Save time by reusing scripts with different Work Item types and different templates
  • Use Service Manger’s built-in notifications to send emails on script failures, enhancing visibility into your automation without the need for outside systems or workflows
  • Easily capture and display script output information, including the status and results, within the Work Item activity

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