Remote Support is a powerful and flexible remote troubleshooting solution that enables your entire organization to provide faster resolution with greater control.  In addition to our device management and user management apps, Remote Support has functionality that spans across the entire platform, helping to increase productivity, improve security, and maximize efficiencies at every touchpoint.

Role-Based Access Control

Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) is essential for securing critical applications and sensitive data within your organization. Remote Support includes user-friendly access controls to easily and securely delegate administrative functionality and tools to those who need it. 

    • Configure granular security to individual product features
    • Hide elements users shouldn’t access for improved workflow and efficiency
    • Complete audit trails track every interaction for full visibility and reporting

Active Directory Integration

Connect Remote Support with Active Directory to surface AD information around your users.  

    • View essential contact information
    • Maintain a single source of truth
    • Understand user group membership

Configuration Manager Integration

Connect Remote Support with SCCM where you need it most – at the first level of support. 

    • Manage and view devices
    • Approve and deploy software
    • Understand client details and status 

Entity Scoping

Coupled with Role Based Access Control, entity scoping ensures that your users see only the devices and user data they are meant to see. 

    • Easy configuration and setup
    • Show your users only the information they need 
    • Delegate device and user troubleshooting across your teams


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