Improve internal communication and Service Delivery by keeping users up-to-date with important updates, changes, and other information by easily creating and delivering announcements from the Remote Support Console. Announcements are displayed in real time on targeted devices and can be previewed to verify that the message will display as you would like it to appear. The announcement shows at the scheduled start time and will remove itself at the scheduled expiration time, or can be closed by clicking on the announcement banner. The Announcements app is designed to be used in conjunction with other Remote Support apps, including Software Deployment to efficiently inform users of an upcoming software installation or change.


  • Easily create and schedule announcements to be displayed in real time on targeted devices
  • Schedule start times and end times for each announcement
  • Choose between a scrolling banner or pop-up style announcement
  • Customize text, background color, and position of scrolling announcements
  • Clone previous announcements to use as the base for a new announcement
  • Preview announcements in your browser to verify that the message will appear on clients as you wish
  • Easy installation and setup with no custom code or workflows required

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