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Control for SCCM Admins

The Configuration Manager Ticker app enables Configuration Manager Admins to easily create and deliver announcements from the Configuration Manager Console to be displayed in real time to all specific clients in the specific collection.

  • Step 1 – Create announcement on either a device or user collection
  • Step 2 – Configure text, background colors, and desired font size and enhancements
  • Step 3 – Configure the priority and the schedule
  • Step 4 – Send by clicking OK

You can even preview the announcement on your computer to verify that the message will appear on clients as you want it to appear. What appears on the client computer’s desktop? A scrolling banner across the bottom of the display providing the severity and announcement text in the colors you configured. The announcement appears at the scheduled start time and will remove itself at the scheduled expiration time, or can be closed by clicking on the announcement banner. Clean and simple.

How this helps your team: 

  • ConfigMgr Admin: Broadcast an announcement to a targeted group of computers. For example, informing users that a Critical Priority Security update is about to be pushed to their machines so they need to save their current work.
  • End User: Receive a high priority notification of upcoming changes to their system so that they may prepare for it appropriately.

Features and Solution Inspiration


  • Easy installation for the admin component and the client component
  • Works within the existing Configuration Manager Console
  • Configurable color scheme for announcement text and background
  • Configurable font size, and enhancements, such as bold, italics and underline
  • Ability to save color schemes for future announcements
  • Configurable schedule and priority for announcements
  • Ability to create custom priorities (severities) for announcements
  • Ability to cancel a posted announcement and use a previous announcement as a template for a new announcement
  • Uses the existing Client Notification channel to deliver the announcements to target clients
  • No custom code or workflow required

Solution Inspiration

Out of the box, Configuration Manager provides some built-in notifications for software, patch, and operating system deployments. However, these messages are not customizable at all. The Configuration Manager Ticker app allows the admin to create any announcements desired, such as “Servers going offline at midnight tonight for maintenance” or “Windows 10 upgrades begin Monday at 5:00pm”. These announcements can appear in whatever text color and background color you desire to best make them stand out on the end user’s display. You can also set a priority level to help the end user identify the importance of the announcement. All of this is within the standard Configuration Manager server-to-client communication channel using policies and the Client Notification feature. It is very easy to install and use to get the important messages delivered in real time to members of the collection you create the announcement for.