SAN DIEGO, Nov. 20, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Cireson releases its two latest products – the View Builder and Release Calendar apps for System Center Service Manager.

The View Builder app redefines all processes associated with the often-used out of the box view editor. Operating beyond the normal confines of the view editor, this product allows for creating views with powerful insights within the Work Items and Configuration Items work spaces. This sophisticated tool also significantly improves the way analysts understand Work Items and take action on those Work Items.

Without the Cireson View Builder app, analysts must edit raw XML, and in some cases, create additional code to create more insightful views. With the release of this latest app, such time-consuming, complicated, and undocumented processes are no longer necessary. Administrators, consultants, and analysts currently utilizing and implementing Microsoft System Center will find this to be an essential enhancement tool, with tangible time-saving benefits among many other advantages.

Cireson View Builder app benefits:

  • Various view options for the most comprehensive and easily understandable layout
  • SCSM Administrator can create custom configuration item views in the same way as work item views
  • Icon change capabilities
  • Refresh bar interval customizations
  • Auto-refresh view
  • Color code priority and status columns

As the authorities on all things System Center, Cireson has made sure to give all users the opportunity to take advantage of this exciting new release. Any customer who performs a System Center 2012 Service Manager implementation with Cireson will receive this application for free. Cireson decided to offer this because they understand that with any implementation, View Management is an extremely arduous task – this solution simply makes everyone’s lives very easy.

The second product addition announced today – the Cireson Release Calendar app – adds a new view to the Release Records area of the Work Items work space. The result of this new app is a smart and simple calendar view with all release records visible in a way that makes perfect sense.

This calendar can be further customized by selecting weekly or monthly options and provides the same experience as Cireson’s existingChange Calendar app. Users of this latest app from Cireson will find that their Release Record data is now presented in an easy-to-understand way, unlike list views, which tend to be unintuitive and awkward for viewing date-related data.

With the Release Calendar app, analysts can finally visualize and easily prepare for a release that may happen on a weekend, during or after business hours, and so forth. As this calendar is printable as well, the calendar can be easily put to paper for quick access, reminders, or to distribute to others.

The View Builder and Release Calendar apps represent the latest products in Cireson’s 17 total applications, which continue to change the way organizations across the globe utilize and enhance Microsoft System Center. For more information on Cireson’s market-leading apps, visit and don’t forget to join the conversation on TwitterLinkedIn, and Facebook.

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