Continuing in their mission to create valuable service and asset management solutions, Cireson now reveals their new Password Reset app, which is part of the much anticipated password reset Solution for Microsoft System Center Service Manager.

According to Gartner Research, the average password reset for an employee costs an organization $25, with resets accounting for 30% of all service desk requests. Simple calculations show that an organization with 2,000 employees can expect an overall cost burden of $165,000 annually due to lost productivity for end users.

To help organizations understand their own potential cost, Cireson created an ROI calculator to show cost savings that organizations achieve by implementing this easy to deploy application.

Cireson Password Reset represents the first of many apps to come within the Cireson password reset Solution. Upcoming additions will include: Password Reset for other LDAP sources, integrated native 3rd party applications, alternate authentication methods, pre-built Service Catalog processes, integration for Password Reset for Azure AD, and other customer driven demands as Cireson grows their footprint in this space. This announcement comes after the recent unveiling of the Cireson Platform, which combines the very best of service, asset, and now their first release in the password reset space. The Password Reset app for AD will dramatically improve productivity and reduce costs by allowing users to reset their own passwords securely without contacting the service desk.

Commenting on this cutting edge app, Shaun Ericson, co-founder, explains, “Since I entered IT over 15+ years ago, end-user password resets have always been a tough problem to solve; however, it should really be one of the most simple. We have really strived to help our customers and community by providing a simple and affordable solution that easily allows end-users to reset their own passwords via secure multi-factor methods channeled through text messages and email without having to bother the Service Desk ever again.”

To learn more about the Cireson Password Reset app, register for the upcoming webinar here, scheduled for Wednesday, August 26th at 9am San Diego, 12pm New York, 5pm London.