January 30, 2018 // San Diego, CA // Cireson, world leaders in Microsoft Service & Asset Management solutions, today announced the launch of the True Control Center, the next generation of advanced remote support tools designed for Support Teams and Administrators to easily harness the power of Microsoft Configuration Manager to increase productivity with improved security, access control, and delegation.

As an evolution of the Cireson Portal for Configuration Manager, the True Control Center provides Support Teams and Admins with essential features and functionality including, remote control of PC’s, viewing technical and user data, unlocking and resetting users’ passwords, deploying software, performing server maintenance, and more. By securely delegating these tasks to Support Teams, Administrators can scale operations and focus on higher priority IT initiatives for the organization. The True Control Center can be used with the Cireson Portal for Service Manager for an easy, single pane of glass experience.

“Whether you’re using Microsoft Service Manager or another Help Desk solution, the True Control Center works in conjunction to help Support Teams increase first-call resolution by putting the data and functionality they need at their fingertips,” said Shaun Ericson, Co-Founder, Cireson. “Traditionally, if a Configuration Manager Administrator needed to provide Support Team members with access to data and functionality within Configuration Manager, they would need to grant them access and permission to the native Console. This posed security concerns, risks of human-error, additional maintenance and training for staff, and other challenges. With our web Portal, Administrators can securely control delegation to Support Team members, increasing efficiency and freeing-up their time to focus on higher priority IT initiatives for the organization.”

Other productivity-boosting features of the True Control Center include the ability to grant Analysts access to unlock and reset a users’ account without the need of Active Directory permissions, dashboards with environmental summary information, inventory data visibility, and more.

“One of the most powerful features of the True Control Center is the Remote Manage interface,” added Seth Coussens, Product Manager, Cireson. “Support Team members can easily troubleshoot client issues by performing many actions directly against the client, including shutdown and reboot, adding and removing a client from direct membership collections, repairing or removing software, identifying available updates and installing them with just a click, and start, stop, or restart processes that may be causing issues.”

Key Features for Support Teams:

  • Easily troubleshoot client issues with the information you need at your fingertips including repair and remove software, shutdown and reboot machines remotely, and add/remove a client from direct membership collections
  • Unlock accounts and reset users’ passwords without AD permissions
  • Easily create and securely deploy packages, applications, and task sequences
  • Integration with the Cireson Analyst Portal to provide advanced remote support tools with an easy, single pane of glass experience

Key Features for Administrators:

  • Perform remote troubleshooting on servers
  • Control which Support Team members can access the system, and what actions they can perform with simplified security and controlled delegation
  • Create deployment templates to quickly and easily deploy packages, applications, and task sequences
  • Grant Analysts access to unlock and reset a users’ account without the need of Active Directory permissions

The True Control Center complements the existing suite of Service and Asset Management solutions from Cireson, including industry-leading Analyst and Self-Service Portals for Microsoft Service Manager, the new True Software Asset Management solution for Microsoft Licensing, and Cireson Asset Management for Microsoft Service Manager.

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