Today, Cireson releases its latest version of Password Reset. This v2 update boasts a number of exciting new features, including the ability to reset a password from the Windows login screen as well as integration with Microsoft Service Manager and all other Service Desk solutions. Commenting on this major release, Chris Ross, Director of Program Management and Managing Partner explains, “Our core vision and focused efforts enable the empowerment of the end user, thus eliminating the undue administrative burdens around password resets and providing instant gratification.”

The Password Reset tool from Cireson provides a valuable solution to the most common service desk requests across IT departments everywhere. Considered one of the most inefficient and time consuming service desk requests, the Password Reset tool enables self-service capabilities to quickly and securely put the power back in the hands of the user, without ever touching the service desk. This not only saves time, but also money, with each Password Reset costing, on average, $25. Calculate the savings for your organization here.

With the ability to reset a password from anywhere on any device, as well as multi-factor self-service options, end users can get back up and running at any time, regardless of location or business hour. The integration with Microsoft System Center 2012 R2 – Service Manager as well as new capabilities to integrate with all other RESTful Service Desk solutions such as ServiceNow translates to easy adoption with valuable reporting, dashboards, and auditing capabilities at the click of a button. Increased security via the two-factor authentication provides additional peace of mind, along with support for password policies across the organization.

As always, new features and enhancements are driven by our customers, partners, and the community, with emphasis on making your working life ridiculously more productive. For more information or to see a demo of Password Reset v2, click here to get in touch with the Cireson team.