Innovation within a Software Development team is so important for many reasons.  It keeps work interesting and your team motivated, it forces team members to stay educated and up with current trends, and it gives your product an edge. Let’s be clear about what Innovation is NOT:

  • Innovation is not improvement
  • Innovation does not go unnoticed
  • Innovation is not invention

On the flip side

  • Innovation is doing something different
  • Innovation is something that results in big impact
  • Innovation is when an invention is applied

So how do you foster Innovation within your team?  Well there are thousands of articles and blog post about that (and I will include some at the end of this post) but I want to talk about an activity we did to help foster Innovation within the Cireson Development Team.

Let me introduce you to Pi Day.  I wanted to reward the team for many months of great work, so we threw ideas around to go Boating, Skiing, Fine Dining or Rent an Airbnb, buy a bunch of Raspberry Pis, and hack cool hardware extensions of Cireson Products.  I know tough choice but Pi Day was the winner.  So over the next couple of days I will post blogs about what went down at Pi Day.

Stay Tuned!


Foster Innovation: