I feel very fortunate to work for a company and clients that allow me to work from home most of the time.  My favorite thing about it is that I get to tell people that I have a 20 foot commute most mornings.  How do you beat that?  Too good to be true?  Well a little.  My wife (I love youJ) now treats me like a secretary.  There is generally a list of things for me to do each week during my lunch break or when I have a few free minutes around the house.  After some great discussions with some very smart people on our recent company retreat, I finally came up with a solution to this problem.  It’s been right there in my face the whole time, CIRESON WEB PORTAL.  Just like our awesome Support Team, “Eat my own dog food”.  Why not?

My plan is to create a “Cireson Tuel” Web Portal.  I will make the site accessible to my wife from anywhere in the world.  Do you need me to drop off some clothes at the Dry Cleaners?  “Please submit a request through the Cireson Tuel.”  Do you need your fancy lip gloss and hand lotion?  “Please submit a request through the Cireson Tuel.”  Do you realize what it is like trying to find these things in the women’s toiletry aisles in Target?  I recently spent 30 minutes trying to find nail polish remover.  I can start adding notes to the requests before I close them so that I know exact location the next time a request comes in.  She loves coupons.  I can have her attach a coupon or even a picture of the empty bottle so I know what I’m looking for.  Heck, I could add her as a configuration item and then associate requests with her each time I get one.  How is that for Affected Configuration Items!?!  The next time she is mad at me, I can just run a report to show her how awesome I am.  Actually, she is in the Advertising world and is into artsy things.  I’ll create her some nice looking dashboards!

I ran this by her and she was cool with it which is why I love her.  She understands what I do but doesn’t fully get it yet.  This gives her an opportunity to see exactly what I’m doing.  I’m very curious to get her feedback and may even submit a feature request on her behalf.  The one thing I didn’t run by her was the greatest part about this idea.  Once she gets the handle of things, I’m going to take all of her credit cards and start making her submit a request when she wants to buy things.  The request will have a review activity that I have to approve before she can make the purchase!

I am going to spend the next few weeks getting this thing configured and implemented.  I just scheduled a meeting with her to do a little requirements gathering.  Can’t wait!  More to follow from the Tuel Household…