Until Next Time Norway, Thanks NIC!

A week after visiting Oslo, Norway, for the NIC Conference and we still have images of snowflakes and stadium seating presentations dancing in our heads. It was our first time attending this event, and our team may have even traveled the farthest to be there – all the way from the west coast of California and Salt Lake City, Utah. A summation in a phrase? It was well worth it.

ITMonkey and Travis were especially excited to take to the presenter’s stage and get into the details of the new Service Management Automation (SMA) platform built on Power Shell (PS) that is part of the new Windows Azure Pack (WAP). They demonstrated how to integrate with SCSM (System Center Service Manager) using the new SMA Connector and Self-Service Portal (SSP). Basically he brought together a bunch of letters to show how anyone can improve automation and control, and impress their boss.

From the feedback we received, everyone is just as excited about the upcoming Self Service Portal and SMA Connector as we are. It didn’t hurt that everyone was just having a great time all around, and we now certainly know that Crayon puts on one heck of an event.

Our presentation later in the day with Paul and Travis covered the various aspects of gaining a more complete approach to IT Service Management. ITMonkey celebrated after the presentations by drinking a double shot of espresso – after which time he could be seen flying through the air and screaming like he loves to do. That monkey is so out of hand sometimes.

Now that we’ve had a chance to reflect, the Cireson team would like to thank everyone that visited us at our booth and chatted about any and everything. We’d also like to express thanks to Crayon, who were great hosts both in and outside of the event. We’ll see you next year #NICConf!

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