TMS 2014 Q3 #NextIsNow – New apps & updates! We innovate for you.

The System Center dream team is very excited to bring you TMS 2014 Q3, which represents all the hard work, constant innovation, and close attention to our customer’s feedback that continues to fuel our passion for all things I.T.

We hope you enjoy these new products and features and look forward to your feedback.

So without further ado, here is what you will find in TMS 2014 Q3. As always, enjoy.

Cireson Portal v2

This version delivers exciting features such as custom forms, configurable layout controls, definable tabs and sections, and even form controls with configurable attributes. In addition, service level objectives can be viewed in grid views and on forms. Other highlights include:

  • The Cireson Portal now includes the Self-Service Portal, the Analyst Portal, and our HTML Knowledge Base
  • Set required/not required and read only on any field
  • Multiple forms can be created for each work item class and targeted at different Active Directory groups so that users see different forms depending on their role/permissions
  • Role-specific default work item forms for end users and analysts

Check out the Knowledge Base, the v2 webinar, and the press release for all the details!

See the full description and feature list here.

HTML Knowledge Base – New app!**

Cireson’s new HTML Knowledge Base stands out as a cutting-edge replacement for the out-of-the-box Rich Text Format (RTF) knowledge base in SCSM. Users benefit from utilizing this faster, more customizable, and interactive solution for the following reasons:

  • Greater searching and viewing capabilities
  • More control of formatting including the possibility of interactivity using JavaScript
  • Knowledge can be created, edited, and managed in the browser
  • Knowledge can be easily viewed on mobile devices

See the full description and feature list here.

Asset Excel app – New app!**

Create and edit all Cireson Asset Management information directly from Excel. Yet another way to benefit from ITAM anywhere, from any device, at any inception point. Features include:

  • Administer Asset Management meta data like cost centers, locations, organization, etc. in bulk from Excel
  • Bulk import and update hardware and software assets
  • Export Asset Management data into Excel for ad hoc analysis using charts, pivot tables, sorting, filtering, etc.

See the full description and feature list here.

Asset Management v6

This best selling Asset Management solution only gets better. A few highlights to this new update include:

  • Invoice has status
  • Cost centers have child/parent relationships
  • Multi select task for hardware assets to set common disposal date/reference
  • Software asset update workflow rewritten for better SQL performance
  • Localization updates for Polish and Swedish

See the full description and feature list here.

Don’t forget to register for the TMS 2014 Q3 Webinar here!!

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