Hello all!  It’s been a few weeks since Remote Manage app has been released by Cireson.  Over that time, we’ve received tremendous input that makes us very excited about our first venture into the Configuration Manager space.  As the developer of this app, I’m excited to receive the response it has and I want to take the time to make sure we (namely myself) are providing the needed information to ensure the Remote Manage app is successful in your organization.  I’ve been reading through the feature requests, problems, and the awesome feedback and I put together an FAQ of the most common questions we’ve seen. As always, if you have any questions, comments, or requests please contact us support@cireson.com.

What are the requirements for Remote Manage to run, connect to remote clients, and the SMS Provider?

Remote Manage requires the following on the machine hosting Remote Manage:

  • WinRM 3.0 or greater on Windows 7.  Windows 8/8.1 does not need WinRM 3.0 as it is already built into the OS.
  • RSAT should be installed and Group Policy Management enabled to use the RSoP functionality.
  • ConfigMgr console should be installed to use Remote Control functionality.

The requirements on the remote client are as follows:

  • WinRM needs to be configured on the remote client.  This can be achieved by ‘winrm quickconfig’ or WinRM settings can be applied by GPO.
  • The firewall on the remote client needs to have an exception for WinRM on port 5985.  This should be done for you if ‘winrm quickconfig’ is used.  Those who are using GPO will need to set this firewall rule in the GPO.
  • The user running Remote Manage will need Administrative access on the remote client.
  • The appropriate firewall rules should be enabled for other services, such as File/Printer sharing, Remote Event Viewer, Remote Computer Management, RDP, etc.

And last, here are the requirements for the SMS Provider.

  • The user running remote manage must have permissions to connect and read data from the site.
  • The correct firewall ports must be opened and scoped properly to allow the machine running Remote Manage to connect to the SMS Provider.  RPC (dynamic ports) is used to establish connections to the SMS Provider.
Why do I get “Object reference is not set to an instance of an object” error in the log window on my Windows 7 machine?

This is a common error on Windows 7 machines when the WinRM version installed on the machine does not meet the requirements for Remote Manage.  Upgrading to WinRM 3.0 or later on your Windows 7 machine should fix this error.
What ports are required to be opened on the SMS Provider?

Remote Manage uses the same ports to connect to the SMS Provider as the ConfigMgr console.  Both the ConfigMgr console and Remote Manage use RPC to connect to the SMS Provider, so the appropriate ports should be opened to allow for RPC connections.  RPC communication is initiated over port 135 and dynamic ports are used for the duration of the session.  Please see ‘Technical Reference for Ports Used in Configuration Manager’ for more details.
I am unable to connect to a client.  Why is that?

This could be due to WinRM not being configured on the remote client.  You can follow this checklist to troubleshoot WinRM.

  • Verify ‘Windows Remote Management (WS-Management)’ service is running.
  • Verify there is a firewall exception rule enabled for WinRM.
  • Open up a command prompt as an administrator and type the following command: ‘winrm get winrm/config’.  Review the output and verify authentication, port settings, and filters are set as required.
  • Verify the user running Remote Manage is an administrator on the remote client.
How do I set up WinRM on a client? 

WinRM can be set up using ‘winrm quickconfig’ in an elevated command prompt.  This enables the service, a firewall exception, and configures WinRM to accept any outside connection.  This is fine for a test environment, however, you may want more control over how WinRM is configured.  You can accomplish this by configuring WinRM via a Group Policy Object in Active Directory.  More information on configuration WinRM 2.0 or greater through GPO can be found here.

Why doesn’t task sequences show in Software Center?

Task sequences are not supported at this time.  Due to the nature of task sequences, it was decided to not include them in this version of Remote Manage app.

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