Quick Deployments using the Cireson Control Center

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Deploying software to a PC or group of PCs can be time consuming when using the basic configuration manager console provided by Microsoft. With the Cireson Control Center, it’s only a few mouse clicks away.

While on the dashboard of the Configuration Portal, click on the computers icon on the left hand navigation bar.


Search for the host that you want to deploy a task sequence to and select it.


Right click on the host and select Deploy Software >> Quick Software Deployment.


Now select the application / task sequence that you want to deploy and click on next.


Once on the Resources page, verify your Deployment Scope and click Next once more.


You’re now on the Deployment Tab. Select a Deployment Template if you’re using one and then set the Scheduling if you wish to have the application deployed at a specific time, leave this at defaults if you wish to deploy the application immediately. Click Finish. You’re done!




When using the Quick Software Deployment feature, the configuration portal will automatically create the required collection, place the host into that collection and then deploy the task sequence. Ridiculously productive!


If you need support, please email support@cireson.com


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