A New Year, A Great Time to Update Configuration Manager

Happy New Year everyone. Here’s to a fantastic 2017 for each and every one of you.

I know that most of you are not able to do your Configuration Manager maintenance at the end of the year due to the traditional ‘end of year lockdown’ that occurs at a lot of organizations. As a result, you may not be up to date with your System Center Configuration Manager version. Before things get too busy at the start of the year, now is a great time to get up to date with Configuration Manager.

As you know, there have now been four production releases of the current branch edition of Configuration Manager. It all began just over a year ago with the initial release – 1511. Since then, releases 1602, 1606, and 1610 have been released for production deployments. The 1606 release was especially interesting as it provided a new baseline build – the first since 1511. This baseline release made is very easy for those who were procrastinating on their migrations from Configuration Manager 2012 to Configuration Manager current branch – you could now migrate or upgrade directly to 1606, skipping the initial 1511 release and then having to complete an additional update to 1606.

Keeping up to date with Configuration Manager current branch is really simple now with the Updates and Servicing model for automatically detecting, downloading, and staging the updates for you. All you need to do is run a simple wizard, answer a few questions, and let it rip. Very easy to do and no real reason for not being always up to date. I encourage you to remain up to date with your versions, as they do include not only bug fixes, but some new, and often very useful, features that can enhance your Configuration Manager experience.

One last note to any of you procrastinators who may still be running the initial (ie. 1511) release. As of December 8th of 2016, that version is no longer supported by Microsoft. So that is one more big incentive to move off of it to a later release, such as the 1610 release. Each Configuration Manager current branch version is supported for one year from release. That means that by the end of the first quarter of this year, 1602 will also be out of support! You can always check this page (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sccm/core/servers/manage/current-branch-versions-supported) to see the support status of your installed version.

Happy updating to you all, and again, all the best for a fantastic 2017.


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