November 2014 was a very exciting month with the Cireson Total Management Suite 2014 Q4 release, our very own Cireson Support Portal launch, and the Cireson Portal v3 release with continuous innovation and delivery. Stay up to date with our apps; we have already released the Cireson Portal v3.2!

Get the latest Apps

There have been hundreds of feature requests and bug fixes our incredible, talented, supportive, sleepless development team has released with TMS 2014 Q4. Interested in what they were? Read about the details here. One new feature that I’ve seen come through as a feature request from multiple customers is the console apps tier mapping feature. Similar to the support group mappings feature for the Cireson Portal, the console apps tier mapping feature allows all of the tiers within SCSM classes to be mapped directly to a specific AD group within the CMDB. That’s right, their names no longer have to match! Once the groups are configured, this will be applied for our console apps including My Active Work Items, Outlook Console, Group Assign and Tier Watcher. Simply download and install it now.

Experience the Cireson Support Portal

We were pleased to announce we have implemented Service Manager as our service desk platform for customers and are actively tracking tickets via the Cireson Portal! J Below I have highlighted a few helpful tips around viewing announcements, searching the KB, submitting requests, and monitoring your requests.

View Announcements

After logging in to the Cireson Support Portal, please be aware of announcement we post near the top of the page. Select the Show Announcements to view current announcement we have posted:



Search the Knowledge Base

Under the Knowledge view, you will find the basic and advanced searches you may use to find installation instructions for all of our apps, FAQs, Troubleshooting guides, as well as tips and tricks. This knowledge base has recently been expanded with many new Cireson Portal v3 documents and we will continue to update/publish new articles here. One little trick – you don’t have to navigate to this view in order to search the knowledge base. On the Home page, you can type in key words for what you are looking for in the Search field here:



Submit Requests

You may use the multifaceted search field in the image above to search on available request offerings or browse through the Service Catalog to find the Request Offering that best suits your need (after checking the announcements and knowledge base that is). J We love to hear your feedback so please keep it coming! A few Request Offerings you will find General Question, Report Bug, Request Feature, Request Account for Cireson Portal Access, etc.

Monitor Requests

Looking to check the status of one of your requests? Simply browse to the My Requests view to display requests you have submitted. Open a ticket and add notes to the Action Log or attach files at any time. We are using one of our free apps, the Cireson Action Log Notify app, so anytime you or an analyst enter a comment that is not marked as “private” a notification will be sent. Remember, the more details the better. J We are always interested in screenshots, log files, configuration settings, steps to reproduce, etc.

Looking to check the status of a ticket someone from your company has submitted? Browse to the Team Requests view to find requests submitted from your team.

Keep up with Cireson Portal v3 & Documentation

With incremental releases of the Portal every two weeks, new articles and being posted weekly. I just wanted to highlight a few below to raise awareness and provide some insight on different capabilities of the portal we have documented. Please search the Knowledge Base to find all of our published articles including the release notes for each version as well.

Articles: v3 Help!

Article: v3 Fun!


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