There is a lot of cool functionality going on in the Portal, and the more I use it, the more I see how you can combine all these little pieces to make your own even cooler custom stuff. How about this?

Let’s pretend it’s 1999 (and let’s also stretch for this exercise and pretend that we had all this awesome technology back then). You work for a consulting company which is currently specializing in protecting large banking and energy systems from Y2K bugs, and your group is tasked with tracking all of the Service Requests that the consultants are being assigned to and making sure that they have all of the resources that they need. If even one of these bugs gets through, the modern world ends and we all go back to trading shells as currency, and grunting while pointing at things to express interest. Also you are buying your mom a sweet new Mini-Disc player and you fall sullen at the idea of her not being able to use it (what, with the possibility of there being no such things as quote-unquote “electrical power” or “society” anymore). You cannot allow this future to come into being, so in aims of strictest efficiency you create a Search that will help you zero in on just the World-Ending cases:


This search nails it, but it’s sort of a pain to have to enter this set of criteria again and again. You then discover that you can save your searches in v3:


This is amazing and further optimizes your efforts. With all the newfound free time you begin to consider all the other people that you work with, and what they are getting for their mom and how a global apocalypse will ruin each of those gifts in their own unique and interesting ways (your saved search found you a lot of time), and you are again shackled in chains of sorrow. You take a temporary break from picturing what the spontaneous unraveling of 5,000 years of human progress looks like, and realize everyone else you work with could personally benefit from a similar savings in effort and time. You want to help them, but you know that your search criteria are perfect, and you know that communicating them to everyone through a mass e-mail or a live demo is not enough- the stakes are too high, and you only feel confident personally setting up the search criteria on everyone’s machine yourself, however your organization is globally distributed. Disaster looms… but v3 is here to help!

In Navigation Settings you can configure various views to display according to your needs. For example you may want a view to be hidden to all users, or to be visible to all users, or you want your view to appear to only certain groups of users. We are in luck here, because the search that you just created and saved is also eligible for these kinds of configurations.

In Navigation Settings, find your saved search in the navigation tree on the left:


Then in ‘Assigned AD Groups’, enter the group (or groups, adding one at a time) that you want to have access to the search that you created:


Then hit ‘Add’:


And that’s it! Now everyone in your Support group will be able to zero in on just these catastrophic work items, with a single click at any time from anywhere in the Portal. From anywhere, simply hover over the Search node in the Navigation menu, and then the Search drawer will expand. Click on your saved search, and then save the world:


It doesn’t get much more elegantly powerful than this. The next step is communicating with our computers using ESP. We’re working on it, but for now enjoy exploring and creating custom solutions by combining current functionality in the Cireson Portal v3!