As the first official Cireson Pi Day begins, Team Fuzzy Navels has been tasked with creating a prototype for “The Support Beacon”.

Sometimes your support team is buried deep in the trenches, taking their attention away from the current status of the Incident queue.   The Support Beacon provides a prominent, visual alert when predetermined thresholds have been breached.

The Breakdown

  • 1 CanaKit Raspberry Pi 2
  • 1 LED Stop Light
  • 1 amazing Cireson Platform
  • 2 bottles of Southern Comfort
  • 5 highly skilled super hero developers:
    – Allen Anderson
    – Clayton Farr
    – Glenna Kamholz
    – Anders Lyman
    – Carrie Medine

Knowing when you have reached F.U.B.A.R……..Priceless


The team used the Cireson Platform as a base and then wrote an extension to wire up the data store and endpoints for polling the data to be measured.   In our case we used Incidents as the data type to report on.  However, the data to poll can take the form of a variety of data types whether it be counting the # of high priority Incidents or the # of remaining consumables (perhaps bottles of Southern Comfort).


Next the team integrated with the Raspberry Pi calling the Platform Extension endpoint on a set interval to retrieve the current state and signal the traffic light appropriately.


The team also hooked up the Raspberry Pi to a sweet UI to set custom thresholds, and allow users to quickly view status on any monitor.  As a bonus the team even added in text notifications for threshold breaches.


The Support Beacon is a fun way to engage your team and serves as a quick sanity check.   This same concept could be ported over to mobile apps and other IOT devices allowing your support staff to “breathe easy” when taking a group lunch or having a quick game of air hockey.

Without further ado check out the finished product:

The Support Beacon from Team Cireson.


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