I was recently asked by a customer to provide a solution where a specific set of users (Knowledge Managers) could be notified when a new Cireson Knowledge Base Article is created. They wanted the ability to go in and review published articles right away, as there were several times when articles were created, and the Knowledge Managers weren’t notified. We needed to customize a solution because Cireson KB articles are created from the Portal and not in the Service Manager database.

SCSM Knowledgebase Manager

We decided that the best solution would be to create a new Configuration Item in Service Manager called Cireson Knowledge Base Articles.

SCSM Console

Next, we created a Cireson Asset Management connector to import Cireson Knowledge Articles from the Service Management database. We set the connector to bring in any new article that is created (this can be customized to organizational preference).

SCSM Asset Management KB Article Import Connector


Now that the Cireson Knowledge Articles are in the Service Manager Database, we can use a native SCSM notification subscription to notify a specific group of users when a new article is created within the Portal.
This solution has given the customer the ability to let multiple Analysts create Knowledge Base Articles without having to go directly through the Knowledge Managers for publishing. It has also freed up the Knowledge Managers to just go in and review content after it’s been created.