Cireson’s Remote Manage app is doing great!

Hi all. I’m sure by now you’ve all heard about the initial Cireson app for Configuration Manager – our Remote Manage app. I won’t spend a lot of time here discussing its features, use cases, download location, and so on, as we published a blog that describes it pretty completely. You can find the blog here: Check out that post for all the details about the exciting new app, including features, requirements, and screen shots of usage.

What I wanted to discuss in this blog is the status of the Remote Manage app. In a few weeks since its release, over 900 people have downloaded the app. That’s great news, and very exciting for a version 1 release of an application. We’re really excited about the responsiveness that we’ve received from the app so far.

The feedback that we’ve received on the app has been tremendous, which is very encouraging for our first foray into the Configuration Manager space. We have received a few product suggestions already for feature enhancements to the app. If you do have any suggestions for the app, please do send them our way. Additionally, if you have any suggestions for additional apps or enhancements to Configuration Manager that you’d love to see us work on, let us know that too! There’s no guarantee that we’ll be able to implement the change or feature that you request, or create a suggested new app, however, we’ll never know until you make the request.

As with any piece of software, there may be issues with it (most people would call them bugs). There have been a few bugs reported for the Remote Manage app, which we’ve already fixed (and will be made available in a future release of the application). None of these issues are common scenarios that would impact the majority of you all – they are what we’d call more ‘corner cases’, so there is no big push to release an updated version of the app. Rest assured that if there was any big issue in the app that were to potentially affect the majority of you, we would quickly respond to resolve the issue, verify the resolution, and release an updated version as quickly as possible. If you have noticed any issues with the app while testing or using it, please do report them so we can implement anything that needs to be fixed in the app.

To contact us with feature suggestions, new product suggestions, or to report bugs, please use the email alias. Thanks all, and all the best with your Configuration Manager environments, and your use of the Cireson Remote Manage app.

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