In the v10 release we will be bringing all the features from the 9.4+ latest releases into the baseline release along with many customer fixes.

Highlights of new features that will be available in the v10 Baseline release.

The biggest feature that will now be available in the baseline release, is Global Search.  While we are going to officially keep Global Search “Beta” we introduced the feature back in v9.7.0 and have iterated and hardened it ever since. We can’t wait for more customers to get their hands on it and provide feedback. View Knowledge Article on Global Search (KB2518) here.

Remote Support Session Tracking integration; actions taken in Remote Support can now be added as action log entries on a Work Item. (v9.8.0) Read the Knowledge Article on, Connecting Remote Support with Cireson Service Manager Portal (KB2534) here.

Activity Form Improvements (9.6.0)

  • Activity completion forms settings are now configurable from the Activity Settings page in Admin Settings
  • The parent work item is now displayed second on the activity completion forms
  • The support group selector in now displayed with the activity in the activity completion forms
  • An empty description box is now collapsed by default to save space in the activity completion forms
  • View the affected users details on a work item from the activity completion form
  • Re-assign an activity to another user from the activity completion form
  • Longer descriptions are now scrollable on the activity completion form
  • Add action log entries to the Parent work item from the activity completion form
  • Activity completion forms now use the new updated work item header

Read more about these improvements here: Microsoft Service Manager Activity Completion at its Finest

Ability to create and use Platform Authentication Tokens (9.5.2): Read about how to use the Platform Authentication Token to query data in Platform Cache from Excel, in this knowledge article (KB2507)
HTML KBs synchronized to Platform Cache (9.5.2)

New troubleshooting fields in the administrator settings for the Platform Cache (9.5.2)
Administrators can now force a recompile of the Dynamic Data model to pull in newly added filters (9.5.2). Read the User Guide on Dynamic Data (KB2451) here.

Head over to the Software Downloads Page to grab the v10 installer for the Cireson Portal for SCSM.