A recent study by Forrester Research revealed that huge investments are expected within the coming year in the realm of IT services, software, and hardware, by governments and enterprises worldwide. The dollar number projected is not just another ho-hum figure – it is $2.06 trillion. Yes, that’s trillion. Let that soak in for a minute. Interestingly, this number seems almost conservative when compared to Gartner’s research, which put the estimate even higher, at a whopping $3.7 trillion.

Once you’ve absorbed that incredible projection, you may wonder – where is all this money going? Analyzing the big picture, the lion’s share will go towards software, where the most change is happening at a rapid pace. Another sizable chunk of this spending will be directed towards IT consulting and systems integration services. This includes systems integrations work, strategy, and various consulting services. For this sector, $389 billion is the expected global spending amount. While the U.S. certainly leads the way in these spending projections, regions such as Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America are not far behind, and this study shows that their spending trajectory will likely only increase with time.

Notably, computer equipment such as PCs and tablets, as well as software of all kinds will not only continue to be an enormous part of global spending – it will literally skyrocket over the next year. Might we imply that this finding alone should inspire some – ahem – serious considerations of robust asset management solutions? So let’s just break this down in real simple terms: getting IT right has never been so imperative. If the projected spend numbers are any indication, government organizations and businesses both large and small need to take a very close look at making smart IT investment choices that are effective, simple, adaptable, and made to last.

Here is the breakdown: