I’ve been with Cireson approaching a year now and was a customer long before that. I’ve been using or working with our products for over 3 years now in some capacity. Generally it takes a lot to impress me, but Cireson did it from the get go with their commitment to me as a customer and to innovation in the space.

We have always been a leader in innovation in the System Center space, but when it comes to innovation we can never seem to move fast enough. Our customers always want more, and when you stick a bunch of brilliant people in the same room, you never run out of ideas on what to do next either.

Here at Cireson we have taken this to heart and incorporated it into almost everything we do. We are constantly growing and changing internally as well as externally through our interactions with the community and enhancements to our products. As most of you are already aware we have made a promise to our customers to maintain this process of continuous innovation by releasing product updates, fixes, and refreshes every two weeks. This is absolutely incredible and as a customer I would have been so excited about this!

That being said, continuous innovation isn’t for everyone.We all live in a world of need it and want it now, but that doesn’t mean it’s good for us. That idea is what I’d like to focus on today. For you see, many customers can’t all handle the explosion of joy (and new features) that they will be experiencing every two weeks. They don’t have the staff or control processes in place to keep up with this sort of release cycle. Many IT departments today are already stretched incredibly thin and having a resource available to properly install and test each new release before pushing it into production is nearly impossible. If you are one of these customers I highly recommend you do some planning and come up with a release schedule that is possible for you and not focus on trying to keep up with each new release from us here at Cireson.

I don’t want you to get the wrong idea. The idea of Continuous innovation and bi-weekly releases will benefit all customers and that is one of it’s strengths. Every release contains the latest innovations and fixes and builds upon the feedback that came from each release before it. Each of our customers will be on their own cycle, updating on a bi-weekly, monthly, or even major release only basis, but everyone will benefit from the results of each customers feedback and our development teams hard work.

Let me summarize this post for you briefly… it’s difficult to receive a shiny new car every two weeks knowing that you don’t have time to properly read the manual and familiarize yourself with the new features before you receive your next new car two weeks later. We all feel the pressure to just hop in a drive, but that doesn’t make sense for all of us. Sometimes it’s in our own best interest to wait for the next go around, knowing the next one will be even better.

That is after all one thing  you can always count on from us here at Cireson. You can rest assured that each release will be better than the last. We’ve made listening to what you, our customers, want a part of our culture and work tireless to bring it to you.

~ Seth Coussens