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The product team here at Cireson is always listening to you (our customers), and in the April update to the Cireson Asset Management (CAM) Solution, our 3rd in the last 6 months, is focused on squashing bugs you have reported to us through the Cireson Support Portal. You can certainly read through the list of fixes below, or simply watch this short video tour!


Release Notes

You can always find the release notes for CAM in the download of the latest build, as well on the Cireson Support Portal,


This release of Cireson Asset Management squashes bugs in the Cireson Asset Management solution. Fixes are described below, sorted by category:



Asset Management Import

License/SWA fixes:


Key: SOFTWARE\Cireson\Asset Management Value, EntryName: DontRemoveModelManufacturerData, Value: 1

We’re listening…

We are still pouring a lot of love into CAM, with another release planned for late Q2 / early Q3, so keep your suggestions coming!