Effective January 30, 2018 this app has been retired by Cireson.

Our Vision
At Cireson, we are passionate about System Center and are constantly innovating to bring you cutting edge solutions to maximize your investment and help you #domore with Microsoft. With this vision, we want to ensure that all companies utilizing Microsoft Configuration Manager have the most productive and consumer friendly solution on the market to achieve maximum success.

Why We’re Doing This
Our goal has always been to give the community what they need and want. Over the years, we have released numerous free apps for the community to help maximize Configuration Manager. We’ve found that the community needs to #domore. Administrators need to be able to securely delegate tasks to Support teams, to free-up time and resources to focus on higher priority IT initiatives. Support teams need easy access to common remote troubleshooting functionality and data within SCCM in order to increase customer satisfaction with first-call resolution.

As we are dedicated to providing solutions that our customers need, and with these objectives in mind, we have decided to retire this app, effective January 30, 2018. The functionality you know and love has been enhanced and integrated into the new True Control Center to provide you with a complete web-based solution for your Support needs.

What This Means for You
If you have previously downloaded this app, you may continue to use it. However, effective January 30, 2018, Cireson will no longer provide future feature updates, security patches, or support. To get the most of out of your System Center investment and to ensure compatibility with other software applications and systems, we recommend you take advantage of the True Control Center. Take it for a test drive in our demo lab or request a free 30-day trial.

User centric software delivery – you’ve heard of it for years with Configuration Manager. One of the key features to make it work effectively is to associate users to their primary devices (user device affinity). Once that has been done, you can target applications to users, and require that they’re only installed when the user is on one of his/her primary devices.

If not configured, users can install applications on all of their devices, which can cause application sprawl and over licensing. The Cireson User Centric – Community app allows you to easily identify which applications are ready for user centric software delivery, and for those that aren’t ready, automatically add the requirement to the application to support user centric software delivery.

  • Directly integrated into the Configuration Manager Console
  • Quick and straight forward installation
  • Identify applications that are ready for user centric software delivery, as well as those that are not
  • Easy expansion of applications to view all deployment types
  • Select appropriate deployment types to be configured for user centric software delivery
  • Supports Configuration Manager’s role-based administration

Solution Inspiration

The Cireson User Centric app was created to assist companies with moving to the Microsoft vision of user centric software delivery. This vision uses applications and user device affinity to allow software to be targeted to users. However, you need to include the requirement rule that restricts running an application deployment type unless the user is on a primary device. This step is often missed by administrators, so this app helps provide that final piece of the puzzle to effectively support user centric software delivery. By implementing the free User Device Affinity app, which helps with the management of user to device relationships, you can more easily and effectively prepare your Configuration Manager environment to utilize user centric software delivery.