Cireson Pi Days – Team Honey Badger Part 2


What’s having a corporate event driven by developers and for developers without a little family time and great food?  Nothing – that’s what, NOTHING!!!

Thank goodness for the family and friends of those dang Kleinschnitz’s (or however one pluralizes that name)!  Check out the delicious addition to the party…

Danger Will Robinson Danger

As the first official Cireson Pi Day begins, Team Fuzzy Navels has been tasked with creating a prototype for “The Support Beacon”.

Sometimes your support team is buried deep in the trenches, taking their attention away from the current status of the Incident queue.   The Support Beacon provides a prominent,…

Feeding Innovation


Innovation within a Software Development team is so important for many reasons.  It keeps work interesting and your team motivated, it forces team members to stay educated and up with current trends, and it gives your product an edge. Let’s…

TechEd FAQ with Wally Mead

A couple of weeks ago the Cireson team was at TechEd North America. What a great event! We really enjoyed meeting with all of our friends in the community and making new friends. While it was sad to see the Microsoft Management Summit be retired, there was still a…

Self Service Portal Unleashed!

Wednesday, February 26th at 10am US PST/ 1pm EST

Technology should be simple & clever. Discover the Self Service Portal.

Find out how Cireson’s Self-Service Portal and SMA Connector will combine for unprecedented IT automation and enhancement.

Join Travis Wright as he discusses the following:

  • Learn how Cireson’s device & OS agnostic Self-Service Portal will…

NOW@MMS 2012

Cireson is excited to be sponsors at this year’s MMS event. Swing by our booth @ #627. We’ll have giveaways and a surprise of MC Hammer proportions!