The Cireson Portal for Configuration Manager

Productivity-Boosting Features and Benefits


Dashboard view

View a summary of information for your environment to proactively identify trends or problems, including client activity, client health, and client patch status.

Inventory data visibility

The inventory summary tab provides a quick and concise view of high-value inventory data, including:

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Network
  • Client information
  • Applied updates

User device affinity management

View and manage user to device relationships within the Portal, enabling support teams to quickly determine which computer to troubleshoot:

  • View existing user to device relationships and associate new users to existing devices
  • Remove users from existing devices
  • Add new devices to existing users
  • Remove devices from existing users

Computer cloning
and cleaning

Easily clone computers to automatically replicate software deployments from a source to a destination computer. Remove targeted deployments from a computer using the Clean feature.

Software & deployment

Reduce human error and standardize software and OS deployments, as well as objects, with pre-defined templates for consistency and increased efficiency. Define all the desired settings for your software creation and deployment requirements, including settings, schedules, user experience, and alerts.

Collection targeted

Quickly and efficiently target software to existing collections, or let us create collections on demand for your software, and retain those collections for future use.


Software, OS and MDT

Create and deploy packages, applications, task sequences, and operating system images (including use of MDT roles).

  • End users can begin to get updates in minutes
  • Easier access and less manual configuration to target software to end users
  • Customize the deployment of operating system images to new computers by integration with MDT attributes

OSD front-end

Windows Pre-Execution Environment (WinPE) application that allows quick and easy computer provisioning through integration with Configuration Manager Portal templates and settings during the provisioning process.


External tools

Add built-in tools such as Remote Manage, Ping, or Remote Desktop to your Portal to access remote clients, trigger remote automation, and pass data to other websites through a new browser tab.

Report viewer

View reports that are important to your organization and job responsibility without having to leave the Portal to sort through hundreds of reports in the Configuration Manager Console. Set permissions so only approved individuals or groups have access to certain reports.

Secured Access & Control

Control who has access to use the Portal and what features and actions they can perform, without having to add the users into Configuration Manager. Control targeted groups and govern the size of deployments for non-administrators, to include notifications for awareness.