Asset Import

The Cireson Asset Import app takes the guesswork out of importing external data into System Center Service Manager. This app allows any out-of-the-box CMDB data, or any information in the Cireson Asset Management app, to be imported from external CSV or SQL sources of truth, exposing an intuitive interface that provides the ability to map columns and schedule imports when required.

With the introduction of this app to your Service Manager environment, importing data becomes seamless. One-time imports and configuring XML files become a thing of the past. The straightforward apps provide your organization with the ability to build an asset repository of information that is relevant and accurate when working with requests in Service Manager.



  • Import from CSV of SQL external sources of truth into the Service Manager CMDB
  • Schedule for running once or on a scheduled interval
  • Easy mapping of data does not require any knowledge of the Service Manager CMDB Schema
  • Log mode allowing for the testing of Imported data prior to committing to Service Manager
  • Multilingual support

What's New

  • Ability to import subnets for location awareness
  • Classes with auto-increments are supported
  • Import into any part of the Service Manager CMDB, to include customizations added

Solution Inspiration

Service Manager allows for asset managers to perform a one-time import of external data via a CSV file with an accompanied XML file. This one-time import requires data to be in an exact format, without column headers, and cannot be scheduled. The Asset Import app solves this problem – complication free.


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