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The  Action Log Notify  app is a solution for the common requirement of notifying the assigned to Analyst when an End User comment is added to the action log, and notifying the Affected User when an Analyst comment (private comment = false) is added. This workflow will run each time an action log comment is added to an Incident or a Service Request and notifies the appropriate user depending on what type of action log comment was added.  Timely communication between the Analyst and affected End User is key to providing efficient resolution and service delivery.

How this helps your team: 

  • SCSM Admin: No need to create alerts manually.
  • SCSM Analyst: Assigned To Analysts will immediately know when the Affected User has responded to an inquiry for more information.
  • End User: The Affected End User can receive updates to their request without having to check the Portal (if available).


  • Enables automatic communication between analysts and end users
  • Increases visibility across the organization
  • Provides end users immediate email visibility as a work item is updated
  • Allows analysts to be aware of end user notes

Solution Inspiration

Service Manager allows for you to send email notifications to affected users and analysts via workflows and subscriptions. However, there isn’t a way to notify the assigned analyst or affected user when a comment is added to a work item. The Cireson Action Log Notify app is the solution to this communication challenge!


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